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Recent comments from buyers of EXPLORING C6TH LAP STEEL:

”After viewing many “lessons” on youtube, I finally bought a book and this one is the best. Not only are several tuning s listed, there are also lessons and exercises for picking each cord. This book is great for me, a beginner.”

”I made small, although satisfying, progress on my own just learning where the chords are, and to play chord scales. But the lightbulb didn’t go on until I bought Andy Volk’s excellent Exploring C6th Lap Steel Guitar.”

"Fast Shipping! Easy to read and understand. Mr. Volk puts information together that is useable and he has done all the work to give you a lot of information that would take years to gather. Highly recommended. I play lap steel and Weissenborn guitars." - Dave Sky / Amazon Customer Feedback

For less than the price of a single private lesson, here is a book that will escalate you from “ex-guitar player” to understanding the missing pieces when learning C6th steel guitar.
— Steve Marinak
Just got my copy a few days ago of Andys book on B11th arrangements and am totally impressed...great selection of tunes and the arrangements look “doable” and the ones I have tried out sound great as well. He is a real gentleman to deal with, goes the extra mile for his customers ...
— - Larry Lenhart
Just got Andy Volk’s excellent “Exploring Open D and Related Tunings” and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve been playing Dobro in open G for years, I’ve dabbled in D but it never really took - until now ...
— Ian, San Francisco

If you’re captivated by the fat whine of a Supro steel, the cutting cry of a tripleneck Fender Stringmaster, or the mellow twang of a Weissenborn hollowneck acoustic, you’ll flip over Lap Steel Guitar. Author Andy Volk has interviewed or profiled more than 40 great players of all styles — including Hawaiian, country, Western swing, gospel, Cajun, and roots rock — and gathered info crucial to anyone who wields a tone bar. ...
— Twangmon,
A must have for non pedal steel players!! Lots of great pictures and information!!
— Mike Griffin,
”... I also would recommend Andy’s book if you have some knowledge of the way music works and the basics of theory. I recently acquired it and, being a steel guitar player, 10 years later I am still learning new things by going through this book. I can’t recommend it highly enough
— Keith Cordell/Facebook
I purchased Andy Volk’s Exploring C6 Lap Steel book, and wow! This is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. I’m slowly working my way through the book, and couldn’t be happier with the helpful explanations and diagrams of rudiments like scales and arpeggios in C6 tuning. Well worth the purchase.
— - Rob Morrison
I’m slowly working my way through your book of B11 Arrangments and finding it great, particularly the Jazzier tunes. As an ex-armpit player, relatively new to Lap Steel, I’ve not yet delved into Haiwaian tunes, but I”ll try some of them soon. ... I really like the way that your arrangements leave the tunes open for improvisation and personal changes.
The tab is easy to follow and the chords are great when input to BIAB to make backing tracks.
I’m a believer when it comes to your books.
— Keith Glendinning
Thank you for such an excellent book!
— Daniel Lower
... Can’t believe how much material you managed to cover and explain so well, both the technical and feeling aspect; great drawings & quotes ...
— Cindy Cashdollar
Received your B11 book in good order and I am thrilled to have it. ...
— Jackie Luongo
... big thanks to you Andy for putting in the time and effort for a wonderful book. Great for someome getting into C6 like me. As a Rock and Blues player, the open tunings E, E7, G etc. have been my staple for many years, mainly because the bands I work with need those tunings.
I’ve now time to move sideways into C6.
— Kelvin Monaghan


Like many, I had been playing guitar for decades, and somewhat new to the Steel Guitar. I have been memorizing tunes, patterns, etc. Had a couple other books as well on C6th.
I had enjoyed reading Andy Volk's book, Lap Steel Guitar and found it easy to read and engaging. I stumbled across his instruction book on C6th and thought it too may be a good read. My assumption was correct.
He has a very organized, easy to understand approach, that leaves out the mystery.
For less than the price of a single private lesson, here is a book that will escalate you from "ex-guitar player" to understanding the missing pieces when learning C6th steel guitar.
Steve Marinak

Andy Volk has gathered together a group of artists that seem to transcend a simple “guitar player” or “guitar maker” tag and are the real definition of Guitar Hero. They have each devoted their lives to their instrument and have contributed mightily to making music for all of us to enjoy. For me, one of the best things about this wonderful book is the fact that I was unfamiliar with several of the players and Volk’s interviews and writing only made me want to immediately look them up so that I could hear the music behind the stories. Anyone interested in guitar players or playing, in myriad styles going way beyond the household names of Clapton, Hendrix, Atkins, et al should get this book now.
— Gary Grasinski,
I just want to say hi and thank you for your AMAZING work on these books! Happy customer from Stockholm, Sweden.
— - Andreas Rydman

Exploring C6th Lap Steel

Your C6 book has helped me realise it is a completely different instrument and it has got me starting on the basics. Now I am working on damping and exploring the scales and intervals. Loving it.
— - Iain Glencross